How Important Is It To Streamline Communication

Today’s organizations must contend with increasingly complex communications environments that feature a wide array of communications methods. Employees, business partners, and customers communicate with one another through infinite combinations of phones, voice messaging, e-mail,...

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Business VoIP Solutions – Select the Best Solution

The business houses that deals in outsourcing bids an adieu to traditional Public Switched Telephone Network for their daily communicating needs. The conventional PSTN communication system is based on heavily regulated network of circuit...

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ShoreTel ShoreGear T1 Vs ShoreTel ShoreGear T1k

The fact you are considering IP Telephony means you have done your homework and you are aware of the major benefits of “IPT” over older legacy PBX’s: ease of administration, lower cost of ownership,...

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Call Center Seat Leasing in the Philippines

Few people only know the importance of call center seat leasing in the outsourcing industry. To establish your own company will entail lot of efforts and shelling out huge amount of money for you...

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